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Saturday, 19 August, 2017
PMFormat 2000/05/04
Monday, 14 December, 2015

PMFormat is a diskette formatter, source code included.

Released as open source under the BSD 3 Clauses license on 14/12/2015 by Noller & Breining Software. Usersthank authors and Martin Iturbide for mediation!

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HyperText/2 2.01
Sunday, 20 December, 2015

This package allows you to easily create powerful OS/2 INF files with only a handfull of commands instead of the complex set of IPF commands.

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Sudoku 1.03
Tuesday, 22 December, 2015

A whiteboard to solve Sudoku puzzles.

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PMDCalc Plus 1.00 RC1
Saturday, 27 January, 2007

Simple calculator for daily office use, optimized to perform simple calculations and transfer the result in other programs.

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Ccalc Ver. 2002-01-02
Wednesday, 2 January, 2002

Command line calculator for C expression.

CCALC provides convenient way to for performing calculations.

You can use standard infix notation for expressions and store results in variables.

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Carlito Fonts 1.103
Wednesday, 30 December, 2015

Carlito (Google's Carlito font, google-crosextrafonts-carlito) is a modern, friendly sans-serif font, metric-compatible with Microsoft Fonts Calibri font.

Carlito is licensed under OFL (SIL Open Font License) and comes in regular...

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LEDPanel style fonts 0.82
Thursday, 24 December, 2015

Set of LEDPanel style OS/2 bitmap fonts (c) copyrighted FREEWARE.

This is a OS/2 bitmap font that has 3 styles of fonts that resemble the LED digits on digital panels. It is most suitable for clocks, calender and other types of...

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Caladea Fonts 1.002
Wednesday, 30 December, 2015

Caladea is a modern, friendly sans-serif font, metric-compatible with Microsoft Fonts Cambria font.

Caladea comes in regular, bold, italic, and bold italic.

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InstFont 1.0
Thursday, 5 August, 2010

InstFont is a simple command-line tool for installing a font under OS/2 Presentation Manager.

This program was written in order to facilitate automated font install packages.

While it is possible to install a font using...

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LSZipWizard 0.96
Thursday, 10 August, 2017

An easy-to-use helper for Zip archives in OS/2(TM), eComStation(TM) or ArcaOS(TM)

This Application is a graphical user interface

  • to list the contents of a compressed Zip archive
  • to view single files...
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